Jonas breaks down why the AUKUS deal was inevitable

For the Washington Times, CERL Advisory Council member David S. Jonas weighs in on the inevitability of the Australia-United Kingdom-United States alliance (AUKUS), and Australia’s recent decision to acquire nuclear submarines from the U.S. and the U.K. after canceling a significant contract with France. Jonas, with co-author Patrick Rhoads, note that an initially surprising decision […]

CERL intern receives the Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy

CERL 2024 summer intern Noa Fay received the Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy at a recent ceremony. Alongside two other student leaders, Fay was recognized for her commitment to fighting anti-Jewish hate and the impact she has made on behalf of her peers, including addressing a crowd of nearly 300,000 at the March for […]

A 2024 assessment of threats from DHS

CERL Executive Board member Harvey Rishikof recently moderated a talkback which highlighted some of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) key insights from the 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment, addressing threats like foreign and domestic terrorism, immigration, cyber attacks, and the leveraging of AI technologies to create and spread disinformation. The event, hosted by the Standing […]

ICC arrest warrant request calls into question ‘the credibility of the court’

In an opinion piece for the Cipher Brief, CERL Advisory Council member Geoffrey Corn weighs in on the wisdom behind ICC Prosecutor Karm Khan’s recent request to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Geoffrey S. Corn is the George R. Killam, Jr. Chair of Criminal Law and […]

Trump verdict means triumph for the rule of law

In the wake of former President Trump’s recent guilty conviction, CERL’s Professor Claire Finkelstein spoke with media about how the ruling upholds accountability as a core tenet of the rule of law. “We might have believed up until this moment that accountability for a former president was not possible, that presidents were just too powerful ever to be held […]

How Russia and China gained nuclear advantage over the U.S.

In an opinion piece for the Washington Times, CERL Advisory Council member David S. Jonas offers some insight into how the U.S. has arrived at a nuclear disadvantage, specifically in regards to our rivals Russia and China. Jonas, and co-author Patrick Rhoads, base their analysis on an October report from the Strategic Nuclear Posture Committee […]

The ABA presents a ‘crash course’ panel to Congress on AI in the legal profession

CERL Executive Board member Harvey Rishikof served on a recent expert panel on Capital Hill titled AI in the Legal Profession: Crash Course for Congress. The panel, featuring five other distinguished legal scholars with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, data privacy, and national security, aimed at briefing congressional staffers and DC area attorneys about […]

SIU researchers utilize CERL-OUP volume to study moral injuries of war

Researchers at Southern Illinois University (SIU) are leading an effort to change policy and remove barriers to treatment to the moral injuries of war caused to veterans. In a recent article on the University’s News site, writer Christi Mathis highlights the CERL-OUP publication “Preventing and Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: Combat Trauma, Moral Injury, […]

‘Incomplete’ plans for aftermath of Hamas’ defeat frustrates top officials

CERL Executive Board member Joseph Votel spoke with Politico about the recent criticisms from top Biden administration officials who are growing increasingly frustrated with the strategy of Israel’s anti-Hamas campaign. “Everybody gets the fact that you have to destroy Hamas … but then what?” said Votel. “What’s the plan to take care of the 2.5 […]

“Stop Trump Summit” arrives in Philly

On May 18, The New Republic hosted it’s “Stop Trump Summit” in Philadelphia, gathering top thinkers and commentators to discuss what a second Trump term would mean for the state of democracy. CERL’s Professor Claire Finkelstein spoke on a Summit panel highlighting “The Weaponization of Government and the Threat of Authoritarianism.” While Finkelstein believes the […]

NYT’s podcast “Serial” names Fallon’s book as a key source for season 4

In an article detailing key reading material for season 4 of their “Serial” podcast, show creators named CERL Advisory Council member Mark Fallon’s 2017 book “Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture” as a critical source about the September 11 investigation, interrogation and the C.I.A. “Serial” […]

Israel thought carefully about doubling down on Rafah

CERL Executive Board member Joseph Votel speaks with Fox News about  Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu doubling down on Rafah. General Joseph L. Votel, U.S. Army (Ret.) is the former Commander of the U.S. Central Command. He is a Distinguished Senior Fellow on National Security at the Middle East Institute and a member of the CERL […]

Dangers of antisemitism on college campuses

CERL’s Professor Claire Finkelstein is quoted in the Virginia Gazette discussing the dangers of antisemitism on U.S. college campuses. Claire Finkelstein is the Algernon Biddle Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy and Faculty Director of the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law. Read her bio here.    The views expressed here are the […]

Cohen testimony corroborates Trump’s knowledge of payoffs and falsification, says Finkelstein

CERL’s Professor Claire Finkelstein discusses the credibility of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and how his testimony against the previous president corroborates Trump’s knowledge of and engagement in business record falsification and illicit payoffs. In response, the Trump team’s cross-examination will likely hammer in on Cohen’s previous false testimony before Congress, and the veracity of […]

Zaid testifies about Havana Syndrome before Homeland Security Subcommittee

Yesterday CERL Executive Board member Mark Zaid testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement & Intelligence hearing on “Silent Weapons: Examining Foreign Anomalous Health Incidents Targeting Americans in the Homeland & Abroad.” Mark S. Zaid, Esq., is a Washington, D.C. based attorney who specializes in crisis management and innovatively […]

De Silva de Alwis asks ‘Is AI-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence the Next Pandemic?’

In an op-ed for The Regulatory Review, CERL Affiliated Faculty member Rangita de Silva de Alwis and journalist Elodie Vialle assert that the rise of deep fakes and other AI-generated misinformation presents a direct threat to women’s freedom. Rangita de Silva de Alwis is Senior Adjunct Professor of Global Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania […]

CERL faculty director talks Center’s new amicus brief with Law360

CERL Faculty Director Claire Finkelstein is quoted on Law360 discussing CERL’s latest amicus brief filed in conjunction with the National Institute of Military Justice. The brief is in support of Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman Al-Bahlul’s petition for certiorari before the Supreme Court regarding Judge Katsas’ failure to recuse on the D.C. Circuit. Claire Finkelstein is […]

Finkelstein breaks down Trump immunity case on Forbes

CERL Faculty Director Claire Finkelstein joins Liane Jackson on Forbes Newsroom to discuss the immunity case of former President Donald Trump. Claire Finkelstein is the Algernon Biddle Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy and Faculty Director of the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law. Read her bio here.    The views expressed here […]

New federal report aims for honesty surrounding Havana Syndrome

CERL Executive Board member Mark Zaid speaks extensively with Wisconsin Law Journal about the report published in response to 60 Minutes’ recent Havana Syndrome report broadcast which seeks transparency from the federal government. Mark S. Zaid, Esq., is a Washington, D.C. based attorney who specializes in crisis management and innovatively handling simple and complex administrative […]

Int’l Lawyers Network releases new Data Protection Guide

Developed by their cybersecurity and data privacy experts, the International Lawyers Network (ILN) has released a new Data Protection Guide, which provides an extensive analysis of governing legislation, scope of application, legislative framework, data processing requirements, data providers’ rights and duties, regulatory authorities, consequences of non-compliance, and more. CERL Executive Board member Stuart Gerson is […]

Roosevelt responds to Supreme Court immunity case

On Thursday, nine justices of the Supreme Court heard lawyers for former President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Jack Smith in a case on whether former presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution for actions they take while in office. Speaking with Anthony Zurcher of BBC News, CERL Affiliated Faculty member Kermit Roosevelt offers some criticism […]

How the U.S. should respond to Israel-Iran strikes

As we enter an era of open military strikes between Iran and Israel, the U.S. may need to revisit its strategy of temporary deployment in the Middle East. Speaking with Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali of Reuters, CERL Executive Board member Joseph Votel says that the U.S. should be considering sustainability in its response approach. General Joseph […]

Israel’s latest attack on Iran could mean the ‘messaging phase is perhaps over’ 

CERL Executive Board Emeritus James Clapper talks with CNN’s Abby Phillip after Israel carried out a strike inside Iran early Friday morning. Clapper stated this latest strike signifies the ‘messaging phase is perhaps over’ in the decades-long Israel-Iran hostility, and that controlling escalation will become more and more difficult.   Lt. Gen. (ret.) Clapper is an emeritus member […]

Havana Syndrome report renews bipartisan concern 

In response to the March 31 report broadcast on CBS News’ 60 Minutes about the 2016-2018 Havana Syndrome phenomenon, bipartisan members of Congress penned a letter to President Biden calling for a “renewed assessment by the U.S. government” of what officials call “anomalous health incidents.” CERL Executive Board member Mark Zaid, who represents more than […]

Could the latest Israel-Iran standoff result in all-out war? 

After decades of mutual hostility between the two countries, April 13 marks the first direct attack on Israel by Iran. In an episode of TRT World’s the Newsmakers, CERL Advisory Council member David Jonas discusses where this latest standoff could take the region and the world.  David S. Jonas is a Partner at Fluet, as […]

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Could the latest Israel-Iran standoff result in all-out war?