Summer Internship Program

CERL’s 2021 Summer Internship Program

Application period has closed

CERL’s Summer Internship Program prepares  law, graduate, and undergraduate students interested in the national security field by providing an ethics and rule of law foundation so that future perspectives, leadership, and decision-making are always rooted in the rule of law. Our interns help further CERL’s mission through research, writing, and conference planning, and gain valuable insights through conversations with national security experts on the critical issues facing our nation today.

CERL is a non-partisan institute that preserves and promotes ethics and the rule of law in national security, democratic governance, conflict, and war. CERL draws from the study of law, philosophy, and ethics and unites scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to probe critical issues through the lens of ethics and the rule of law. Using the tools of interdisciplinary engagement and open dialogue, CERL experts answer the hard questions that arise when the rule of law is threatened or violated, and provides guidance that helps safeguard U.S. democracy. Read more about CERL’s mission.

From CERL’s 2020 Summer Interns …

Top row l to r: Souvik Chatterjee, Aedan Collins, Jane Wang, Peter Neal, Jeongwoung Park, Henry Scherck, Andrew Figueiredo
Bottom row l to r: Rebecca Bierstein, Quinn Dunkak, Ashley Fuchs, Dylan O’Conner, Alana Sheppard, Natasha Spreadborough, Robert Stoffa

“I was able to interact with incredibly intelligent co-interns from across the country as well as work with and receive mentorship from some of the most highly regarded legal professionals working in the federal government and national security.” –-Dylan O’Connor,
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. program

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and interacting with the incredible guest speakers. (2) Despite the remote work environment, the team meetings and events were engaging, and the schedule was always clearly communicated.” —Ashley Fuchs, University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences, B.S. program

“The CERL internship accomplished the two things you hope for in any job or internship: substantive and important work that you take pride in and an opportunity to learn about an area or industry from those who lead it. The work that I did, and the people I worked with to do it, may very well be already known to my next employer.” —Peter Neal“Good level of independence in the internship. We were allowed to develop creative angles on the topics.” —Andrew Figueiredo, 
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. program

“I never once felt that my work as a CERL intern was unimportant or discounted; CERL allowed us to contribute substantial work product right from the jump and that dynamic never changed. I also felt a great deal of respect from the senior fellows. I enjoyed working with them very much.”—Quinn Dunkak, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. program

“Fantastic slate of speakers. The opportunity to engage with such a qualified range of speakers is unrivaled in my internship and work experience.”—Henry Scherck, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. program

“It was an honor to speak with the presenters this summer and hear about their experiences within the natsec/legal world Everyone who spoke with us provided information that we would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I really enjoyed getting to know my teammates and the team leaders/board advisors. I also appreciated that the projects were fluid and changed in response to the research that our teams produced.” —Jane Wang, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. program

“CERL gave me the opportunity to interact with people at the highest levels of military, law, and business. As a non-lawyer, I gained a much better understanding and appreciation for the law.” —Souvik Chatterjee, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, M.P.A. program

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Summer Internship Program