The Weighing of Lives in War

Combatants and Civilians in the Jus in Bello

April 11 -
 12, 2014


Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni

DePaul University College of Law

Professor Saba Bazargan

University of California, San Diego

Professor Joseph Capizzi

The Catholic University of America

Mr. Bill Craven

Federal Systems

Ambassador Dell Dailey

Dell Dailey and Family

Professor Zlatan Damnjanovic

University of Southern California Dornsife

Professor Jovana Davidovic

University of Iowa

Professor Janina Dill

University of Oxford

Professor Yoram Dinstein

Tel Aviv University

Judge Michael E. Dunlavey

Major General, United States Army (Retired)

Professor Claire Finkelstein

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Major Ian Fishback

West Point

Professor Helen Frowe

Stockholm University

Ms. Ashling Gallagher

University of Pennsylvania

Professor Kevin Govern

Ave Maria School of Law

Professor Adil Ahmad Haque

Rutgers School of Law

Professor Kevin Heller

School of Law at SOAS, University of London

Dr. Jesse Kirkpatrick

US Naval Academy

Professor Michael Lewis

Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law

Professor Sharon Lloyd

University of Southern California Dornsife

Professor Duncan MacIntosh

Dalhousie University

Professor Larry May

Vanderbilt University

Professor Christopher Morris

University of Maryland

Professor Michael Newton

Vanderbilt Law School

Professor Jens Ohlin

Cornell University Law School

Professor Mark Osiel

University of Iowa College of Law

Mr. Ilya Rudyak

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Mr. Jonathan Todd

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Colonel Andrew Wilcox

U.S. Marine Corps Commanding Officer, NROTC

Dr. Stephen Xenakis

Physicians for Human Rights, Center for Translational Medicine

Mr. Jules Zacher

Attorney at Law

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Obama Administration’s Response

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Saudi Arabia’s Response

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Prosecuting Perpetrators of Sexual Violence

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